Kids on the Farm Events

Kids, learn about what is going on at the farm! Join us this summer at Saunders Brothers Farm Market every Tuesday from May 29th to August 14th at 10:30 and learn about all things farming. We will explore which plants like sun and shade, how to bake a pie using fresh fruit, why cows eat grass, and why we need bees for more than just honey. Papa Saunders will be joining us several times to teach us how to propagate boxwood and tell stories of days gone by. We’d love to share our passion for farming with your family.

Date Events at 10:30 on Tuesdays
7/17/18 Vegetable Garden Tour Vegetable Garden Tour for Kids on the Farm at 10:30 am. Meet Bob Smith, a fun Farm Market customer service representative, at the Farm Market. He will take you and your little ones on a tour of our vegetable garden. You will get to see squash, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans growing in the garden.
7/24/18 Why do cows eat grass?

Nathan Saunders, Jim’s son, will let you pet his prize-winning Angus cow. He will tell you why these gentle animals eat grass and why they have 4 stomachs.
Find out about the cow’s favorite Saunders Brothers fruit. Can you guess what it is?

7/31/18 Peaches, Apples,
Pears Oh My!

Let’s get fruity! We will make fruit kabobs using fresh Saunders Brothers fruits. 

8/7/18 Antique Farm Equipment Tour

Papa Saunders will show you how the horses were used in farming many years ago to pull the implements.
He will also show you how we farmed here many years ago.

8/14/18 How are arrowheads made?

Mr. Saunders will show you how the Indians used rocks to make arrowheads. The arrowheads were then used to make arrows to use for hunting.
Also see some of his private collection of arrowheads on display.