Our Tree Farm

Our Tree Farm

Christmas Trees available to Choose and Cut starting November 23 thru December 15

Tree Farm open Saturday 10-5 only, Farm Market has regular hours

Season’s greetings! We are excited to be selling Choose and Cut Christmas Trees. We have a great selection of trees including those for tall ceilings. Our hours of operation are  Saturdays from 10-5 pm. We will NOT be open on any Sundays. The days we are open include the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 23 thru December 15th. Services include tying trees on cars and tree baling at no extra cost. We also offer saws for cutting. The Tree Farm is located across the road from the Farm Market.

The trees that we will offer include:

Canaan fir – This tree is very similar to the Fraser fir but is not as fragrant. Its popularity has skyrocketed since it is very similar to the Fraser fir which cannot be grown at lower elevations. It is soft to the touch and has excellent needle retention. Price is $8.25/ft.

Norway spruce – This tree is very rigid and would be a choice for heavier ornaments. It is pricklier to the touch. In dry years, it should not be cut too early in the fall or needle drop may take place. Price is $8/ft.

Blue Spruce – This tree is bluer and is the prickliest to the touch. It also is good for very heavy ornaments. Price is $9/ft.

White pine – This tree is softer and more colonial. Because of its fast growth rate, it is the least expensive tree that we will offer. It is not good for heavy ornaments. It has good needle retention. Price is $5/ft.

Scotch pine – This tree is more rigid and is preferred by those with the heavier ornaments. Price is $5/ft.